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Product Description

Splendid Combo Washer-Dryer No laundromat? No problem. Enjoy fresh, clean laundry anytime with the Splendid XC combo washer-dryer - a washer and dryer in one. From heavy jeans to delicate silks and wools, the XC will leave your fabrics clean and dry while taking up less space in your RV. Select a wash cycle, a dry cycle, or choose to go from wash to dry instantly. To customize a program or check its status, the XC combines a classic cycle knob with a modern digital display. The extra-wide door opening makes loading laundry a breeze. Once added, detergent, bleach and softener are dispensed automatically. When drying, variable spin speeds and the dual-rotating drum work quietly to minimize fabric creasing while maximizing efficiency. Built-tough, the XC combo is the convenient way to get laundry done on the road.


  • Loading Type: Front
  • Width: 23-1/2 Inch
  • Height: 33-1/8 Inch
  • Depth: 22-5/8 Inch
  • Maximum Capacity: 15 Pound Washing/ 11 Pound Drying
  • Wash Cycle: 9 Wash/ 1 Clean/ 3 Timed Dry
  • Drying System Type: Vented Drying System
  • Water Used Per Wash: 8 Gallon Of Water/ Normal Wash Cycle
  • Voltage Rating: 120 Volt
  • Ampere Rating: 11 Amp
  • Color: White
  • With Water Saver: Yes
  • With Adjustable Dry Timer: Yes

Features & Benefits

  • Dry Cycles: 3 Timed Dry Cycles
  • Maximum Capacity: 15 Pound Wash, 11 Pound Dry
  • Wash Cycles: 9 Wash Cycles, 1 Clean Cycle
  • Special Options: Water Temperature, Spin Speed, Super Wash, Prewash, Low Heat, Delay Start, Mute, Key Lock
  • Automatic Functions: Water-Level, Load-Balancing, Self-Cleaning Lint Filter, Simple Winterization
  • Efficiency: Uses 8 Gallon Of Water Or Normal Wash Cycle

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