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Tackle HD Pro Striker Baits Grub 2-Inch 40-Pack

The Tackle HD Grub Fishing Lures is a great addition to your fishing tackle box by offering skirted grubs providing top-notch underwater action. With a ribbed body and a massive curly tail in striking color, each swimbait produces a vibrating, swimming action that disturbs the water, exciting and drawing in fish even in murky waters. Rig the fishing lure on a jig head with the tail facing upward to maximize movement when using them as trout, bass, walleye, or crappie bait. The grub swim bait can also be rigged with the tail facing downward to prevent it from getting caught on the hook. The soft crappie lures are constructed with lightweight, durable plastic for longevity against use during long hours of angling and fishing tournaments. With a selection of striking colors in cost-effective multipacks, you can choose the best fishing lure kit to accommodate various scenarios and conditions for saltwater or freshwater fishing. The Tackle HD Grub Fishing Lures come with 40 2-inch skirted grubs, providing unbeatable value with a swimming action irresistible to different fishes. Proudly made in the USA.

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