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Screen Shot Assembly Kit; Ro 30.001 - 30 - 30.9375 In In (Retail Box)

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"Close the screen door!” How many times have you heard this shouted while RVing? The majority of RV screen doors DO NOT come with a retracting hinge, allowing the screen door to hang wide open if it is not shut properly. This invites unwanted pests inside your living space and detracts from the RV’s heating and cooling. With our “junior” RVers constantly going inside, then outside, and then back again, you might find yourself saying, “Close the screen door!” way too often. The Screen Shot by Lippert Components solves these issues with flying colors. With its patent pending design, the Screen Shot ensures that your screen door* closes by itself, every time, keeping unwanted pests out of your RV. How does it work? The Screen Shot’s custom anchors were designed to fit snugly into your screen door’s inner channels while a pair of anchor screws hold it in place. The Screen Shot’s elastic webbing is installed directly into the door jamb. When the screen door is opened, the elastic webbing expands, then automatically pulls the door shut. Similar products on the market tend to close the door too softly, or slam the door shut too loudly. Lippert Components manufactures more than 575,000 entry doors each year, so we used our expertise to design the Screen Shot with the most commonly manufactured RV entry doors in mind. Simply put, we designed a Screen Shot just right for you!
  • Automatic screen door closer for LCI entry doors
  • Measure inside of the entry door, edge frame to edge frame, and round up to the nearest even number to find your size
  • Patent pending design automatically closes the screen door when left opened
  • Keeps unwanted pests out of your living space
  • Easy DIY installation, all required fasteners included