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PullRite 2700 SuperGlide ISR Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch - 16K

When truck manufacturers decided to expand popular trucks' cab space and decreased the cab-to-axle distance in the bed, fifth wheel hitches that were originally designed to give you a 90 Degree turn with an 8 Feet bed truck could not be used in the new short bed trucks and a solution was needed.
  • 16,000 Pound Max Gross Trailer Weight Towing Capacity
  • Dual Articulating Head Moves Side-To-Side And Front-To-Back During Towing For A Smoother Ride
  • Hitch Head Easily Removable With Pins And Clips
  • Locking Jaw Closes Automatically Around King Pin
  • Latch Handle Locks Automatically When Locking Jaws Are Engaged
  • No Secondary Locking Devices To Engage Means No Reaching Over High-Sided Truck Beds To Get Dirty
  • Extended Handle Keeps You Out Of The Bed
  • Tight Fitting Parts Give You The Best Ride Possible
  • Adjustable Tension Bolt Prevents Bumping Or Chucking
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty

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