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Multi Purpose Tape; Reflectix 2"x30' Roll

Product Description

The Reflectix® family of tapes are designed specifically for use with the Reflectix® Reflective Insulation products. The Foil Tape is for seaming our Double Reflective and Single Reflective Insulations. The Reflectix® Tape Products are available through Do-It-Yourself Retailers, Contractor Sales Groups, HVAC and Industrial/Commercial Building Products Suppliers.

Features & Benefits

  • A Heavy Gauge Aluminum Foil Bonded To An Acrylic Adhesive With A Release Liner
  • For Seaming Double Reflective And Single Reflective Insulations
  • REFLECTIX Providing Cost-Effective, High-Efficiency Performance
  • Made In USA
  • No Supplier Warranty

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