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Hinge; 5-Leaf Black; Controlled Motion - Am Kit

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Upgrade your RV entry door with ease. With the Friction Hinge from Lippert Components, your door stays in the exact position you need it to, and it can handle wind gusts of up to 25 mph helping to protect your door and your RV from harmful, costly damage. Easy-to-install and inexpensive, this hinge is a win, win on the open road.. The Hinge with Control - Open and close your RV entry door smoothly, slowly, and with peace of mind. The Friction Hinge from Lippert Components is an easy upgrade that allows you to leave your door in the exact position you need. With our hinge, you can forget about installing gas struts or relying on unattractive door catches that can easily break and cause costly damage to the sidewalls of your RV. The Friction Hinge is a permanent solution for your RV's entry door. No more buying quick-fix products that need replaced time and time again. Easily add it to your existing hinge system, and you're good to go.. Features Easy installation provides added strength and durability to existing hinge; No need to remove door or existing hinges for installation; Compatible with all LCI entry doors and Challenger Door Series 450, 805, 950, 975, and 3000; No additional hardware required; Keeps RV entry door in exact position in wind gusts up to 25 mph; No need for door catches or gas strut installation; Helps protect your RV entry door and sidewalls; Includes DIY INSTALLATION Installation is easy and seamless. You don't even need to remove your door or existing hinges. Simply add the Friction Hinge to your current hinge system. In no time, your RV's entry door will be operating smoother than ever with added strength and durability.; MORE CONTROL Similar to a laptop, the Friction Hinge lets you leave your door in the exact position you need giving you more control and peace of mind opening and closing your door.; EASY UPGRADE With no additional hardware required, the Friction Hinge is an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade your entry door without installing gas struts or continually replacing unattractive door catches that easily break and damage your RV.; ADDED PROTECTION Tested to withstand up to 25mph wind gusts, our hinge keeps your door from slamming shut or flying open preventing costly damage to your door and RV sidewalls and windows.; FIT FOR YOUR DOOR The Friction Hinge is compatible with all LCI entry doors and Challenger Door Series 450, 805, 950, 975, and 3000.; Specifications Color: Black; Country of Country: United States; .