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Firman WH3300IE Dual Fuel Inverter Portable Gererator

Quiet. Versatile. Fuel-efficient. This Electric Start inverter portable generator, provides clean power for electronics and sensitive equipment. Best used for camping and tailgating. For the best of both worlds, this is a 3300 Watt 30 Ampere electric start RV ready generator that is California and Canada emissions certified. As a Whisper Hybrid Dual Fuel Series, It runs at a quiet 58 Decibel – well below National Park standards and can use either gasoline or propane. With a 1.8 Gallon tank, this beauty will run for 10 hours. Our Max Pro Series 171 CC engine runs cool and efficient thanks to the Phoenix Fat Head Block.
  • Fixed Carrying Handle
  • LPG Hose Quick Connect Inlet
  • Maintenance Cover – Oil Filler And Air Filter Access
  • LPG Hose With Regulator
  • Spring Clamp To Hang Regulator On Handle
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty

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