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Chemical Drain Valve Lubricant 24 Oz

Here's An Ounce Of Prevention In A 24-Ounce Bottle. Our Special Formula Prevents Seal Wear, Sticky Drain Valves And Keeps All The Plumbing Lines Operating Smoothly. Your Holding Tank Is Critical To Your RV, And Preventative Maintenance Is Key To Keeping It Healthy. Regular Use Of These Products Helps Prevent Problems From Occurring While Extending The Life Of Your RV.

  • Lubricates Holding Tank Systems And Drain Valves From The Inside
  • Prevents Seal Wear And Sticky Drain Valves
  • Restores Easy Valve Operation
  • Coats Plumbing Lines For Smooth Tank Evacuation
  • Works In Both Grey And Black Water Tanks
  • 100 Percent Biodegradable Liquid

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