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Pentek Carbon Fresh Water Filter Cartridge .5 Micron Rated

Universally sized filter for a variety of applications Reduces sediment as well as chlorine odor and bad taste Provides exceptional dirt holding capacity compared to other carbon block filters Intergrated with Fibredyne technology which prevents the release of fines The Pentek CFBC-10 offers the best of both worlds in terms of filtration. Not only does this filter reduce contaminants such as cysts chlorine VOC s bad taste and odor but also sediment. The carbon material of this product provides amazing dirt holding capacity with a resistance to plugging. Pentek uses Fibredyne technology within the makeup of the media which creates a unique environment by combining powdered activated carbon into a synthetic fiber matrix. This process is namely why the Pentek CFBC-10 can filter both sediment and chlorine. The Fibredyne within the media prevents fines from being released into the effluent stream. Whether you are using this for residential commercial or food service applications the Pentek CFBC-10

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