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B.E.S.T. Black Streak Remover with Sprayer - 32 oz.

Best Propack Best 32 Oz. Black Streak with Sprayer

  • Black Streak Remover, easily removes black streaks, tar, and road grime build up on any vehicle with minimal rubbing but it is also great for tires, white walls, wheels, and even your home gutters or a great degreaser
  • Works super on cleaning your boat too
  • Finally, a product that will remove the black streaks from your RV, motor home, or even your gutters and is safe for the surface you will find out why it is the number one Black Streak remover on the market
  • Works great on fiberglass and painted surfaces when you have an investment like your boat or RV why would you trust anything but the BEST
  • BEST products contain no acids or caustics which means they won't harm or fade your decals or fabric Also it is biodegradable and friendly to the environment so why settle for ordinary when you can have the B.E.S.T.

MPN: 50032

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