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Starbrite Anti-Freeze Antigel -50 degrees

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Protect your vehicle engines, drinking water systems and more during the winter with the Star brite Winter Safe -50 Degrees Nontoxic 1 gal Antifreeze. Crafted with a virgin propylene glycol formula, this antifreeze offers burst protection at temperatures as low as -50 degrees, and it's carefully crafted for corrosion-free compatibility with copper, brass and plastic.

  • Alcohol-free propylene glycol formula is made with virgin, nontoxic, USP-grade materials
  • Designed for safe use with copper, brass and any type of plastic
  • For use in most engines, pools, boats and more
  • Offers burst protection to -50 degrees and provides freeze protection between 14 degrees and 18 degrees
  • Corrosion inhibitors defend metal engine components