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Watchdog Surge Protector - 50Amp EPO

The Hughes Autoformer Power Watchdog Bluetooth Portable Surge Protector gives you the best possible surge protection for your RV, featuring emergency shutdown in the event of dangerous power levels and Bluetooth technology, allowing you to monitor power levels right from your smartphone.. Features Emergency shutdown in the event of high or low voltage, open ground, open neutral, and more; Uses the Power WatchDog app, from the Google Play or Apple store; Instant in-app alerts message via Bluetooth in the event of hazardous power conditions; Plug-and-play technology, only a 4-second delay power on after plugging in; Built-in 90-second power-on delay to protect your AC; Allows you to monitor power levels from your smartphone in real-time; Fault alerts notify if open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, open circuit, and miss-wiring is detected; Automatically restarts when power conditions are safe; Set your own custom alert thresholds; Heavy-duty, weather-resistant construction; Easy pull plug handles; Features an anti-theft locking bracket; 99-percent pure copper 10-gauge wire with solid copper plugs and blades; Specifications Amperage: 50;. 15.86 x 9.65 x 4.49 inches

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