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Kamptime 3500 LB Electric Tongue Jack

Kamptime 3500 LB Electric Tongue Jack

Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack up to 3500lbs Heavy Duty RV Electric Power Tongue Jack with Accessories Manual Crank Handle and Level, 18" Lift, 12V DC and Bright LED Lights, Black

  • 【WHAT'S INSIDE THE BOX】1PC Electric A-Frame Jack , 3PC Flat&Star Washers, 1PC Manual Crank Handle, 1PC Level and 1SET Instruction Manual. Red wire(+) connect to 12-volt power source.
  • 【DURABLE AND STURDY】Made of heavy duty steel, the electric A-frame trailer jack is rated capacity up to 3500LBS. Durable exterior black powder-coat finish on outer tube and zinc finish for inner tube with removable footplate will provide good surface protection and greatly reduce the rusty risks.
  • 【TERRIFIC FEATURES】The purpose is for use with trailers with a A-frame coupler by wiring to 12-volt power source. The maximum travel is 18in. the standard tube diameter for a-frame trailer jacks is 2.25 inches, and the drop leg travel is 5-5/8in. Four holes on the footplate bracket are for height adjustment by securing with the locking pin. Bright LED lights are illuminated for night time.
  • 【TIME-SAVING】Just push the UP switch to extend the jack until the footplate touches the ground. Retract the jack by pushing the DOWN Switch. The jack will slow down and stop as it approaches the fully retracted position. Release the switch at first sign of slowing. DO NOT retract the jack exceeding the STOP limiting mark otherwise may result in damage of the jack.
  • 【EMERGENCY OPERATION】Crank handle for manual override in case of power loss. Twist off the dust cap from top of the jack. Insert the manual crank handle provided into the access hole and engage the drive screw. Rotate the handle counter-clockwise to extend the jack and clockwise to retract it.
  • 1* electric A-Frame Jack
  • 1* manual crank handle
  • 3* flat & star washers
  • 1* level
  • 1* instruction manual

Material: heavy duty steel

Capacity: 3500lbs

Maximum travel: 18''

Drop leg travel:5-5/8''

Power Input: 12V voltage

Important Note

The star washers are intended to penetrate through the paint on the mounting plate to ensure direct metal to metal contact for grounding purposes.

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