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#2 Gold Aberdeen

Size 2 Eagle Claw 121H-2 Aberdeen Snell Fish Hook Eagle Claw's forged point fish hooks have been proven effective and affordable since 1925. Eagle Claw's signature fish hooks have been trusted for decades as the cornerstone terminal equipment for sport fishing. Anglers can count on Eagle Claw for high-quality terminal tackle, rods, reels, and fishing accessories of all kinds in all of their outdoor excursions. Eagle Claw has long been a mainstay in the outdoor world, with a reputation for classic style, high-quality products, and honesty.

  • All Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hooks are made from high carbon steel.
  • All Eagle Claw Hooks are made from high carbon steel. Eagle Claw Fish Hooks are built to withstand and meet the needs of demanding anglers, from beginners to tournament anglers alike.
  • Time tested heat treating process ensures hooks are strong and durable.
  • Hooks are thoughtfully plated with the appropriate material for each use case, increasing durability
  • Careful and deliberate engineering ensures hooks are well suited to the task at hand, whether employing a technique specific hook or something more versatile for broader uses.

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