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Eagle Claw 121H-1/0 Aberdeen Snell Fish with a Gold Hook, Size 1/0

The Eagle Claw Aberdeen Snell Fish Hook is made of light wire and is designed for live-bait fishing. This hook has been specially tempered to flex before breaking, making it perfect for panfish and crappie fishing in brushy water. The Eagle Claw Aberdeen Snell Fish Hook has an extra-strong loop bonded on the shank and is tied with premium monofilament line. Because fish hooks are the most important link between you and the fish, each Eagle Claw fish hook is crafted in the United States from high-quality carbon steel for optimum strength and toughness. Eagle Claw places the hook point in the straight line of pull, allowing for swift and secure catching and holding fish. Eagle Claw Classic snelled fish hooks have been used by fishermen all over the world to hook and keep fish for 85 years.


- Eagle Claw Hooks are constructed entirely of high-carbon steel.
- Fishermen of all levels, from novices to tournament anglers, can rely on Eagle Claw Fish Hooks to endure and exceed their needs.
- Hooks are sturdy and durable thanks to a time-tested heat treatment procedure.
- Hooks are carefully plated with the suitable material for each application, ensuring long-term durability.
- Hooks are well-suited to the task at hand thanks to careful and purposeful engineering, whether using a technique-specific hook or something more adaptable for broader applications.

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